French photographer, painter and skateboarder, living between Barcelona and Paris since 2000. Julien has been working as a freelance photographer for skateboard magazines in France and internationaly for more than 20 years, which give him the opportunity, to travel in numerous countries, to document these journeys.

In 2005, he became interested in painting and in drawing, which allowed him to express himself in a different way, other than through photography and video. Here he shows what cannot be represented by camera, can often be shown through imagination. He likes working with wood and tries to give to old skateboards some unsusual shapes.

Julien found much of his inspiration, through his interest for folk art, which he discovered in journeys to Bolivia, Mexico,Indonesia, Africa and to the United States.He is using different materials like acrylic or oil painting and Posca, trying to make his sculptures with a perfect symmetry and perfect lines. Julien’s work is always evolving. Every day he learns new techniques and new perspectives towads the work. Recently, he has made designs for skateboard brands and various advertising companies..

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